VENT LEGAL is a San Diego law firm that provides quality legal representation to those who have been injured or who have found themselves accused of a crime. Focusing primarily in the areas of Personal Injury and Criminal Defense, VENT LEGAL was founded in order to provide you the benefit of a dedicated, hardworking, and honest legal advocate.

If you have been injured or you are facing criminal charges, VENT LEGAL is here to guide you through the complexities of litigation and to protect your rights. VENT LEGAL will work to obtain the best possible outcome for you by leaving no stone left unturned.

If you or a loved one have suffered an injury or face criminal charges, VENT LEGAL is available to represent your interests throughout San Diego County and Southern California.


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“Sean Vent is a great attorney who will get you results.  He is very intelligent and quick to understand your problem and any legal issues associated with it.  He’s punctual, analytic, and aggressive, yet he’s also very skilled in negotiation, professional courtesies, and speaking to people in a way that evokes their cooperation. In my case, he handled a dispute between homeowner and contractor and got me, the homeowner, exactly the desired result.  He was always available by phone, text, or email, and seemed to know every detail of my case after only a day.  He was clearly persuasive as he instantly got our point across to the other side – something I tried and failed at several times on my own.  His letter writing skills were something to marvel at and were a big part of resolving the dispute in my favor. I recommend Sean Vent for civil or criminal purposes without reservation.  He’s a top notch, well-prepared attorney and one of the best up and coming attorneys in San Diego.”
D.B., Client
“As a lawyer in the community, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mr. Vent and seeing some of his work product.  Mr. Vent is one of the hardest working attorneys out there, he is also one who is truly out for the best interest of his clients.  He is prompt in responding to his clients, always respectful, and always keeps them in the loop about the status of their case. As a lawyer, we’re always worried about sending our potential clients into the wrong hands.  I’ve referred Mr. Vent cases and have not had a single complaint come back to me because I know Mr. Vent has taken care of my clients.  I trust Mr. Vent enough to know that if I was ever involved in a civil litigation case related to personal injury, auto accident, and dog bite cases, that I will retain him to represent myself.”
L.W., Attorney
“After having met with so many lawyers for consultation, my family finally decided to retain Sean Vent to represent them in a civil case.  Not only is Mr. Vent an honest person with high morale, he is also well experienced with different types of law.  He was on top of everything and was extremely proactive.  Proud to say, Mr. Vent immediately got the case resolved without having my family go thru the formal legal proceedings.  Thank you Sean for saving my family lots of money and valuable time.  Great job!”
W.T., Client
“Sean is an awesome attorney! I agree with the other commenter that he’s proactive and informed. This is the type of lawyer I want on MY side – NOT the others!! I consulted him about my daughter dog bite. I didn’t realize that this was the type of personal injury that I could sue on until she turns 18 because she’s a child and her body is still growing. It really good to talk to him to see if you have a good case and see if it’s worth it to go forward.”



Call or email to schedule your free consultation. We’ll spend 30-45 minutes discussing your matter to determine what options are available to you.
With a contingency matter, I don’t get paid unless you recover. By doing this, my clients get access to quality legal representation without the traditional upfront retainer.
When you hire an attorney it’s important that you feel like more than just a number. VENT LEGAL isn’t a ‘mill’ that exists because of high turnover. Attorney Sean Vent focuses on building long term relationships with clients so communication is a top priority.
From drawn out litigation or hard fought negotiations, every case is different and Attorney Sean Vent strives to provide the outcome that is best for you. Attorney Sean Vent is caring,  hard working, and innovative all while keeping an eye on factors that affect your bottom line.
Attorney Sean Vent has worked on a wide range of legal matters and brings a diverse legal background to every case. From massive environmental cases to emotional wrongful death claims, Attorney Sean Vent has the skill set necessary to fight for your interests.



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